Sister in the Spotlight: Alana Helbig

My-oh-my Blessed Brisbane Babes. You’re in for one heck of a treat!


Let me introduce you to someone who occupies a very big space in my heart, Miss Alana Helbig.

Alana and I connected in the flesh a number of years ago at an event right here in beautiful Brisbane (which is why I’m such a passionate advocate for women attending events and connecting with like minded women!)

Alana is someone I look up to as a role model. She’s a soulfully fierce visionary. She shows up and ‘does the (inner) work’. She consistently embraces truth and honesty (as you’ll soon bear witness to). She commits to being unashamedly vulnerable, in the process, encouraging others to do the same. She acts as a beacon of light in the sharing of her darkness – a darkness we can all relate to.

In the time I’ve known her, Alana has transformed in leaps and bounds as she’s dedicated her life to living from her heart. Alana’s podcast (yes, she actually has her very own podcast ‘Untangled’ – what the!?) is one I listen to religiously (which you can read more about here). A morning walk + ‘Untangled’ = the very best start to my day.

Random fun fact: Alana and I travelled at the same time and were pen pals for 18 months.

Another random fun fact: Alana once interviewed me for her (old) podcast. I was sitting in a French Canadian hostel storeroom at the time, surrounded by mops and cleaning products. #theglamlife. You can listen to it here if you’re interested!

I know you’re going to love Alana. As you’ll see in her responses below, she is DEEP which is one of the things I appreciate most about her. She has a knack for encouraging women to move beyond the superficial to get to know the intimate parts of themselves. She’s one inspirational gal AND she’s a Brissie local. How cool is that! Warning: you’re about to fall in love. Brace yourself.

Alana! Honey! Tell the Blessed Brisbane Babes about yourself …

Who are you? What does your life look and feel like?


My name is Alana Helbig. In a past life I was a business consultant for an IT company. At the age of 28, I started to ask myself some pretty big questions – who am I? What am I here for? What is my purpose? I became increasingly uncomfortable with my life, where I was and what I was doing.

These questions and these feelings propelled me down a path of self-discovery and soul-journeying. My life would never look the same again. I quit my job, travelled around Australia in a campervan and started the painful but magical process of self-excavation to come back to the truth of who I really am.

Seven years later, my life looks completely different. My friends say I’ve done a complete 180 and I totally agree. Right now, I’m standing in my friend’s kitchen in Brisbane, clad in my bikini. I work here, from home. This is my common work attire and my breaks consist of dips in the pool, hula hooping and yoga poses. A big change from my days of uncomfortable business suits and corporate boxes.

I started podcasting a couple of years back and fell in love with sharing the stories of other women who have been through the same soul-awakening process as me. I wanted to give voice to the process, knowing so many of us go through this yet are too afraid to talk of it. So I created the podcast Untangled where I share the intimate stories of women who have untangled and freed themselves to be who they truly are.

I love the podcasting platform and it has gifted me so many lessons, new friendships, opportunities and growth, beyond what I could ever have imagined possible. Last year I started coaching other women on how to create, launch and share their message on the podcasting platform, too. I’m stoked to now call this my job.

For years I searched to find a way to joyfully support myself while also creating a positive difference in the world. If you could see me now, you’d see I am grinning wildly because podcasting has done just that.



In 2015/2016 you quit your 9 til 5 job and hit the road in your van, Walter. For 9 months and without a solid plan, you trekked around Oz, racking up a whopping 30, 000km. All. On. Your. Lonesome. {Yeah gurl!}


Can you tell us:

What prompted this HUGE decision? 

How you came to overcome your fear/s and actually take the leap?, and

What that experience was like for you?


I had been plotting my resignation from my 10-year corporate career as a biz / IT consultant for quite some time. I had finished a four-year university degree that I’d hated and basically burnt myself out. I was ready for a break. One morning I woke up and decided then and there I was going to buy a campervan and travel all the way around Australia.

It was definitely not the most financially sensible idea. Travelling overseas would have been much cheaper. Australia is expensive, I had to outlay over $15,000 upfront for a new van and all the expenses that go along with it, plus the fuel costs, too. All up, in the end, I spent close to $30,000 on the trip. But it felt right, so I decided to just go for it.

Initially, during the planning stages and leaving behind my job, I didn’t bump up against much fear. I knew it was right, I knew I was ready to leave, I knew it was time. The fear came for me on the very first day of the solo leg of my trip when I hopped into my van to travel across the Nullarbor Plain from South Australia to Western Australia. I realised I was going to be travelling long distances, on my own, in a very old van, on stretches of road that had no phone service. Truthfully I was terrified.

This fear stayed with me, all 30,000kms of my trip. It was not something I overcame, just something I learnt to make peace with.

The other fear, was of the future. What would I do when I returned from my big adventure? I didn’t want to go back to my old life, yet I had no answers to what my new life should or would look like. There were times when I got locked into a grip-hold of fear about what the future would bring.

Looking back, I can see that this adventure taught me a powerful lesson about embracing and surrendering into the unknown. As I commit more and more to my soul path, I see that my life is made up of a series of unknown moments. And only, when the time is right, will I be given a small sign or piece of the puzzle. To walk my soul path and show up in the way I do, I’ve had to practice being comfortable in this unknown space. This does not come easily for me.

Learning to live a life of the moment is one of my biggest soul lessons.

My campervan adventure was an initiation into this learning. When I trusted and surrendered, magic happened. When I held on tightly and tried to control, I was met with a whole world of pain. I am so grateful to these learnings. They have become a strong foundation as I now navigate the exciting (and terrifying) new adventure of creating my own business.

You can find out more about my adventure in these two podcast interviews here and here.

A lot of people are in 9 til 5 jobs and HATE them. They would look at someone like yourself (aka someone who is a self employed Podcast Host and Mentor – so cool!) and think that they could NEVER have something like that for themselves. What are your thoughts on this?


There was a time I believed this to be true for myself, too. In fact, still now, quite often I fall into the disbelief that I won’t be able to pull this off. It is normal and understandable to feel this way. We do not have enough modelling around us, showing us how to live life on our terms, in our way. Ninety-five per cent of the people around me still work a 9 to 5 job. They don’t question the system or, even if they do, they don’t believe they can change it or break away from it. It feels comfortable to stay in the known of a “stable” job.

The system has us believe that this is the only way.

So, when we see others breaking out of this system we label them as special or just plain lucky, creating a separation gap between ‘them’ and ‘us’. We start to believe that our capacity to live life on our terms is dictated by something externally to us, rendering us powerless.

Living life on your terms has nothing to do with external factors. It’s not about being gifted or special or lucky. What you are looking for can only be found within – it’s a cliché, I know but hear me out.

The pull of our current system is strong. There will be many who tell you it’s not possible. Many who will question your beliefs and what you are doing. To break away from the system requires an inner courage, alignment and a deep certainty of who you are and what you want.

Many people are too afraid to delve into the recesses of themselves to ask these questions and find this courage and certainty. They are unwilling to do THE work. Yet this is where the answers to all the questions lie.

So, to get back to your question: Yes, it is possible for you to live life on your own terms. Of course it is. Otherwise, why are you here if not to spread your message and share your gifts? The trick is in working out your terms, believing it to be possible for you and committing to do the work, regardless of what the system is reflecting back to you. No easy feat but so worth it.

Turn inwards. Always turn inwards.


So many women I know feel overwhelmed by the thought of developing a spiritual practice. It seems too hard, too overwhelming and too time intensive. What’s your advice to these gals? Where would you suggest they start?


If you’re feeling overwhelmed, then this is an indication from your soul that something is not in alignment. The deeper I delve into my practice, the more I realise the right practices have a sense of ease and flow. They are not always easy but they bring relief to the busy-ness of my crazy world.

For example, I go for a walk every morning. Some days it feels like a burden to get up early and go but mostly I enjoy it because without it, I feel heavy, foggy, sluggish and grumpy.

When I first started my spiritual practice, I just copied what others did. I made all these rules around what I had to do each day and then punished myself if I didn’t manage to get all those things done. It quickly became hard work. These days, I take a very loose approach to my practice, each morning tuning into what it is I need. And following that. This morning I meditated, pulled some cards, wrote in my journal, went for a walk and a swim. That’s a pretty big spiritual practice for me and one I don’t do all that often. Tomorrow I might not do any of those things other than my walk. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Play around until you find a few things that feel good and do those. Have fun and don’t take it too seriously.

And check in with your soul every day around what she needs. That’s the whole point of a spiritual practice, right? To tune in to yourself, work out what you need and then gift that to yourself. If you’re barging through with a long list of ‘should dos’, then you’re kinda missing the point.


Alana Helbig is a women’s podcast mentor and host. She guides women into the heart and essence of their message, igniting powerful conversation through the podcast platform.

She is also the author of Ignite: Podcasting for Changemakers. An online program teaching female soul-centred entrepreneurs and bloggers how to create and launch a podcast that is all heart.

As the creator and host of Untangled – a hugely popular podcast channel harnessing the ancient and powerful story-telling nature of women in exploring the sacred yet dark aspects of soul awakening – Alana helps thousands of women all over the world cultivate a deeper soul connection and realign back into the magical free-flow of their soul path.

Find out more about Alana and her soul nourishing work here.


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