There’s nothing I love more than creating soul nourishing and business building resources for y’all. Have fun tucking in to these freebies I brought to life, just for you!


For Women in Business


Event and Workshop Space for Hire in Brisbane: a comprehensive list of spaces to run wellness related events and workshops in Brisbane

Finding the right event space is time consuming – but oh so important! I take the pain (and hours) out of finding the perfect event space in this detailed comprehensive list of venue spaces for hire in Brisbane. It has all the information you need to find the perfect venue for you – photos, pro’s and con’s; information about whether or not the space requires public liability insurance; allowances and restrictions; etc. 


How To Use Instagram To Sell Tickets To Your Events 

In January 2017, there were 5,000,000 monthly active Instagram users in Australia alone (a figure that continues to climb)! This free resource, filled with practical and simple steps, will help you more effectively utilise Instagram – the increasingly popular social media app – to sell tickets to your events. Amongst the noise of the internet, learn how to better spread the word about your work to those you are trying to reach.


For Women with Soul


Getting To Know You: an 11 day journalling journey to inspire connection, reflection and growth

The perfect resource for the babe wanting to live a more spiritually rich and aligned life. Join me as I take you through 11 days of journalling prompts that will help you journey to the depths of your Being and connect with your Truth. All you need is a desire and 15 to 30 minutes a day.


20 Ways You Can Save Money Now: so you can do more of what you love

As someone who lives a very full life on a limited budget, I share my tried-and-true tips for saving dollars so that you can do more of what you love. They’re simple and practical tips that will put a whole lot more money in your savings account!


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