Kind words

Biz mentoring

Che is an amazing soul sister to connect with for guidance. I went with my gut knowing that Che would be the perfect mentor for me … and she was! I needed some direction in my business and walked away with everything I wanted and needed. So far, what I’ve implemented has been really successful! Julia from Julia Italiano Healing

I was at a point in my business where I felt I needed to get more serious about my path when I connected with Che. I thought mentoring with her sounded like the perfect thing to do – and I was right! Her values were aligned with mine and she had really great business acumen. I loved being able to meet in person – it has a different energy to it than online meets and was really useful in getting me present.

I was able to talk to Che about where I was at, honestly, without feeling judged which meant I could actually work towards my goals and vision and stop dancing around them. I felt like all my expectations from our time together were met and exceeded – Cindy from The Tipsy Yogi


Soul Circle gave me the opportunity to connect with like minded women and nurture a deeper connection with my Self. Che held the circle with love, compassion and integrity and I left with a tonne of gratitude and a softer heart – Natika

Soul Circle called to me because I wanted to meet new people and try something different. I loved meeting Che and having time to think. It was a beautiful event that I’d highly recommend – Lisa

I went to Soul Circle because I wanted to look inside. It was a bit scary at first, but so worth it in the end. I left feeling peaceful and hopeful and loved being around like minded authentic women – Laura

I can’t even explain how great it was! Boho Bliss gave me the opportunity to have an experience that felt aligned with my soul. Everything, from visiting a waterfall, to having a picnic, to Desire Mapping, to going out for drinks at a chic bar, to making new friends – it was the combination of the adventure and the soul that I loved!’Liv from Don’t Tell Summer

It’s difficult to pin point what I loved most about Boho Bliss. The entire weekend unfolded with a natural ease and grace – enabled by the hosts, the contributors, and all the attendees. In and amongst the workshop sessions there was abundant laughter, thought provoking conversation and great vibes. It was awesome. I walked away from Boho Bliss with new friends, a reminder of how much good and love still exists, and some new skills to apply in my day to day life – Luke

Virtual Assistant Work

I’ve been working with Che for a few months, I found her just when I needed her… I was losing time, spending it on going between tasks and just generally being forgetful. Che came in and it was like clouds parted and I could see the sky again! She has not just given me increased productivity, better flow in my work and more time for creativity, but she has given me the gift of stress free time with my girls and husband again, not constantly worrying about what I have forgotten to do. She is an absolute angel to me! – Ange from The Gratitude Project 

Working with Che is a dream! She has become invaluable to my business, and my sanity, over the past few months while I’ve experienced rapid growth in my business. I’m very grateful that I get to work with Che weekly, and that she so generously pours her heart into my business. Hiring a VA is one thing, but hiring a VA who genuinely cares about your business is a god-send! – Kate from Kate Caddle