Let’s chat my love!
And by chat I mean sit behind our computer screens at home sporting our knickers and six day old hair (or is that just me?!) and virtually communicate.
Whilst eating a tapas platter. Coz, you know, why the heck not!

I’d love, love, LOVE to hear from you if you:

  •  just want to say a big ‘HELLO!’
  • are running a super-rad-awesome event that will bring sunshine to the lives of the women of Brisbane (don’t forget that you can upload your event to the Blessed Brisbane events calendar here!)
  • are a solo-preneur, small business owner, creative, local producer or a charity in or around Brisbane who is doing/making/creating/(insert other interesting adjective here) something rad that people need to know about
  • want to write a piece for Blessed Brisbane and the ladies of Briz-Vegas. Check out Blessed Brisbane’s submission guidelines
  •  know something that I should know, but don’t (which is a lot, believe me). A place I need to check out? A rad event that’s happening? A cute single man I need to get acquainted with? A new brand of dark chocolate I need to taste test immediately?
  • want to advertise your goodness on the pages of this space.

Fab! Then go ahead and fill in your deets, honey!