Blessed Brisbane is your one-stop-shop to find events for the body, mind and soul, in and around Brisbane.


It’s the only one of its kind and your only central location to find wellness events in this fine City.


No more missing out on awesome wellness events because you don’t have time to trawl through 50 websites.

No more green-eyed-monster when you see that the gals you follow on social media went to a cacao ceremony/chakra dance workshop/women’s circle/meditation meet-up/(insert other awesome event here!) that you would have loved!

No more wasting your post-work hours and weekends with lists, chores and endless to-do’s that do nothing to fill your (metaphorical) cup and nourish your Soul.

Perhaps I can tempt you with a yoga, meditation and pamper day?
Gals hike?
How about a women only workshop about periods or sex?
Nude yoga?
A documentary screening about minimalism?
Animal rescue open day?
Art classes?
Chats about how to rock singledom?

Yup, this (sweet sweet) shiz actually exists my love … IN BRISBANE … and it’s happening right under your nose!

‘What the heck, are you serious?’ you ask.
Why yes, yes I am.

Enter Che (that’s me) and her little black book of rad-stuff-happening-in-Brisbane (aka, this space, Blessed Brisbane).


That’s me in the pictures below. I’m a lover of big smiles and all things happiness inducing, soul nourishing and life changing. (FYI, I also have a ‘thing’ for exposed zippers, op-shop bargains, beautiful photos of women and cinnamon).

I wanted to create a space where I could present the awesomeness of solo-preneurs, small business owners, creatives and charities to the world (well, to Brisbane at least). I wanted to do this so that awesome ladies (like you) could find them!

This space is a celebration of all these things (yup, even exposed zippers and cinnamon).



Because, as crazy as it may seem, this is the stuff happiness is made of my friend …

  •  Connecting with like-minded people
  • Doing things that make you feel AWESOME  and fill you with JOY
  •  Nurturing a loving relationship with yourself
  • Embracing a healthy lifestyle
  • Feeling blissful, aligned, supported, light, happy and FREE.

This is what you’ll find in this space, sweets …


So, if you’re ready to …


  • Enhance your wellbeing and happiness
  • Feel healthy on the inside and out
  • Connect with yourself and feel joyful
  • Meet like-minded babes
  •  Embrace a low to no booze lifestyle

… then you’re in the right place, my love.

Where to from here?



It’s SO nice to have you here, my love. We’re gonna have some fun!

In love and light,
Che. X