Hello beauty! It’s so nice to have you here.

Welcome to Blessed Brisbane

Welcome. Make yourself at home. Grab a tea. Sit and let me introduce myself.


I’m Che. I support and mentor aspiring and new women in business in Brisbane. I have a passion for working with women who want to leave their 9 til 5 jobs, and build businesses they love and that light them up.

I believe that work should be fun and feel good!

I believe that the personal and internal, impacts the professional.

I believe in the power of community and like-minded sisterhood.

I believe we can do anything we set our minds to.


I’m also a lover of big smiles (I mean look at mine, it’s HUGE!) and all things happiness inducing, soul nourishing and life changing. I also have a ‘thing’ for exposed zippers, op-shop bargains, beautiful photos of women, cinnamon and personal and spiritual development. #sorandom.


It’s taken me a while to get here but I’ve finally figured out what my mission in life is …

To support women to build their own heart centered businesses.


Nothing makes me happier than seeing women step into their power, pull up their big girl panties and bring their dreams to life.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing women step away from the 9 til 5 job that doesn’t serve them.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing women build businesses that are an extension of their Heart and Soul.

I know the transition away from a day job is scary because I’ve been there and done that.


For 12 years I studied and worked as a Social Worker. Throughout my career I job hopped a lot, in the tireless pursuit of my niche (and career contentment!) But I never found it.

So I took my career into my own hands.

I started a blog and for years juggled my 9 til 5 job with my online home/s. I showed up every day (okay, most days) before and after work. I learned. I failed. I grew.  I cried. I celebrated.


It was f!cking hard. But oh so worth it. And my life has changed because of it.


I now have f r e e d o m and s p a c e in my life like never before.

I no longer dread Monday’s and live for Friday’s.

I work from home. Cafes. My parent’s house. The park. Holiday destinations.

I’m able to tune in to my body and honour its needs – if that means not working for a day then I’m now in a position to gift it that.

This is what I want for you.

To have a job you love that gifts you all the things you desire – flexibility, creativity, money, independence – all the good stuff.

That’s where I come in sugar. I work with women who:


  • are working in a 9 til 5 job, but have dreams of bringing a business to life
  • are juggling a 9 til 5 job and side hustle
  • have a business they want to grow and see thrive
  • feel out of alignment in their business and are seeking clarity and direction
  • are open to exploring how their personal realm impacts their business and its growth.


If this is you AND if you love cinnamon, then we’re going to work together splendidly. (Okay, so we’ll probably still make a great team without a mutual affection for cinnamon but maybe I’ll judge you a little – haha).

The best bit is that I’m most passionate about supporting local Brisbane based babes which means there’s a whole lot more scope for us to connect in person via my mentoring packages and events!

Here’s what some other sweet babes have said about our mentoring sessions:


I booked a consultation with Che because I knew something wasn’t quite working in my business but couldn’t quite work out what it was. What Che noticed was so insightful. Within one session she had me clear on my core message, my wording and what needed to change. Che’s input made a huge difference for my business. I highly recommend her keen eye and loving guidance if you are a small biz woman in Brisbane – Nicole Mathieson

Che is an amazing soul sister to connect with for guidance. I went with my gut knowing that Che would be the perfect mentor for me … and she was! I needed some direction in my business and walked away with everything I wanted and needed. So far, what I’ve implemented has been really successful! – Julia Italiano Holistic Healing

‘I was at a point in my business where I felt I needed to get more serious about my path when I connected with Che. I thought mentoring with her sounded like the perfect thing to do – and I was right! Her values were aligned with mine and she had really great business acumen. I loved being able to meet in person – it has a different energy to it than online meets and was really useful in getting me present’ – The Tipsy Yogi


And about my events:


Soul Circle called to me because I wanted to meet new people and try something different. I loved meeting Che and having time to think. It was a beautiful event that I’d highly recommend – Lisa

‘Soul Circle gave me the opportunity to connect with like minded women and nurture a deeper connection with my Self. Che held the circle with love, compassion and integrity and I left with a tonne of gratitude and a softer heart’ – Natika

‘Boho Bliss came to me at just the right time in my life. It really brought home the need to love, nurture and be kind to myself, and to surround yourself with people from the same tribe. I walked away with new friends, a reminder of how much good and love still exists, and some new skills to apply in my day to day life’ – Luke

Ready to get started in creating a life and business you love? Awesome!

  • You can find out more about my one off and ongoing mentoring packages, here (there are face to face and Skype sessions available)
  • And there’s a tonne of biz tips tucked away, here
  • Find out about upcoming events and get weekly doses of biz and personal (because it’s all intertwined baby) inspo, sent straight to your inbox, here.


It’s so nice to have you here, my love. We’re gonna have some fun!

In love and light,
Che. X